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How to Choose a Romance and Dating Recovery Company

Romance scams have always been prevalent since the internet first began, but more and more reports are surfacing these days about seekers of romance who were scammed out of small or large fortunes by people promising love. 

In 2013, more money was lost to dating scams than to any other kind of scam. In 2019, this kind of scam was the second most reported crime that the FBI handled. This rampant crime and financial loss have certainly increased in this day and age when a pandemic and the mandate of social distancing has dramatically increased people’s desire to feel connected with someone else.

If you’ve been scammed, you’re not alone. The FTC reports that the frequency of dating scam reports has tripled in the past few years. Being scammed in a romance scam can be particularly painful, as both the money and the promise of love that are a part of the scam disappear in a flash. 

Unfortunately, the love that is lost was as ephemeral as a dream. Some wounds can be healed only by time. Conversations with family or friends can help as you reason through your loss. If this is your situation, we offer our deepest sympathies. 

There is some positive news, however. In some cases, you can at least get your money back. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right site to recover your lost funds.

Be Sure the Company Is Legitimate

When it comes to questions of money, there are truly lions lurking in every corner. You need to be sure the company that promises to recover your money is a legitimate business and is registered in your country. They should be listed under the tax code, and have some reputable success stories from others who have utilized their services.


Many legitimate dating scam recovery companies will only require payment if the lost funds are recovered. This is certainly a sure way to be confident that the company will try its hardest to recover your funds. 

Good Advice is Free

The first thing any good scam recovery company will do is recommend you report the crime to the appropriate authorities. In the United States, you should report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They should also recommend for free that you contact your bank immediately. In a lot of situations, the bank will reimburse your scammed funds.

Some companies, however, will only offer this advice after you’ve signed a contract with them. This advice, though free, can cost you up to 25 percent of your lost funds.

Romance Scammed From Funds

Unfortunately, crooks are looking to take advantage of the most vulnerable with scams. As Shakespeare once said, “love is blind,” and this is the case for many who are scammed: though the warning signs were there, they simply didn’t see them until it was too late. 

There are ways to recover your money, however. Contact your bank, contact the authorities, and find a company that will help you get money back through legal action. 

Best of luck!

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