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Learn how to protect your romance scammed parent

Has a complete foreigner become the sole beneficiary in your parent’s or friend’s life, regardless of their legal and biological family members? This is not a coincidence. It is called a “romance scam.”

Has your parent, who is over 50, suddenly decided to start a new romance? … Have you ever thought that they are adults with the right to make their own decisions, but you still have a bad gut feeling about their decisions made-out-of-nowhere?

Have you noticed your parents withdrawing from you emotionally, physically, and, in the end, financially as well? Have you ever seen how a once-full house of friends is now becoming a place where friends come less and less to visit?

The same thing has happened to many, and it will keep on happening. Luckily, there are websites like Victims Fighting Back, whose team is doing research on romance scams daily

Gdating scam

How can you benefit from joining the online community of romantically scammed people?

Here at Victims Fighting Back, we collect stories of people who were romantically scammed.

We have noticed a pattern of people being scammed and a pattern of scammers looking for victims. Read more about the scammer’s personality disorder.

In Victims Fighting Back, we organize live events where you and people of similar interests can share your worries and concerns about your romantically scammed loved ones.

Very often, our parents, grandparents, and cousins cannot recognize the mentality of a scammer. It is also critical to recognize that the mentality of a scammer is, unfortunately, very compatible with the mentality of the victim. Therefore, you can learn how to approach your loved one who has been scammed in a different way. Learn more about the mentality of a scammer. 

Gdating scam

Romance scam victims are typically people over the age of 50

Recently, there was a story of a 37-year-old man whose 61-year-old mother had fallen in love, got married to a man from the Middle East, and changed religion for him.

Nobody ever met her 30-year-old younger partner, who has become the sole beneficiary in her will, until she had a serious problem with her health.

Do you know anyone else having a similar situation? Tell us about it now! Send us an email!

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This is how to communicate with your romantically scammed parent

Understand first where your parents stand at this moment. We do not advise you to disrespect your parent`s borders, but just to understand them and their decisions. 

You need to really show up for your parents by understanding two key points: 1st one is the term of a middle age crisis and the second one is the Pace, Pace, Lead technique of communication. Learn about Pace, Pace, and Lead techniques here.

The email status can be shown as valid or fake, which is a clear indication of possible fraudulent activity if the email has already been reported.

The middle age crisis shows up in an individual’s lifetime between the age of 38 and 50. If you have noticed some of the following behavioral symptoms, it might be that this is the possible situation your parents are encountering.

Feeling sad about a lack of confidence.

This feeling shows up, especially after a big milestone accomplishment or birthday. This is exactly why the middle age crisis is linked mostly to the people at age of 50. 

At a certain age, the chemicals in our brain change and influences our body and our behavior. People are faced with a somewhat new experience of the same feeling and it influences their life in the following ways: 

The feeling of regret.

Which might appear even without anyone noticing it. These feelings come hidden very often. One example: initiating a divorce but feeling ashamed to confess the mistake. 

The feeling of regret, in this case, is very tied up to the feeling of urgency. Unfortunately, the feeling of urgency has its roots in the fear of death which manifests itself as a need to survive which later has the influence on behavior in a way that a person feels the urge to do something unpredictable and wild right now. 

After the feeling of urge passes and the hormones go back to balance again and a person starts to feel resentment, they become a great victim for a scammer…again. 

This is the exact reason why people who were scammed once, fall for the scam easier this time and this is why it is crucial to join a community where they will find this forgotten sense of forgiveness and belonging. 

Feeling unfulfilled. 

Feeling unfulfilled comes usually alongside realizing that the children are capable enough to take care of themselves and they no longer have the time to spend with their parents anymore, so a parent starts feeling unnecessary and unimportant.

These feelings cause the urge to do something in order to feel important and it usually ends in getting involved with a lot younger or troublesome partner in need of help. 

Making impulse reactions. 

Making impulse reactions out of blue is actually one of the most obvious symptoms of a middle-age crisis. It was first discovered as a concept in the 1960s and describes a normal transition that happens to both men and women during which they go from being young people to older adults. It is followed by struggling with the passing of the youth. 

Stories like these happen everywhere and all the time. What we do here at Victims Fighting Back is collect and publish reports on our Facebook page and website, hoping that people with similar stories will contact us so that we can organize events or meetings and hopefully help you all out.

How exactly can Victims Fighting Back help out? Find out now.

We use our analytical skills while listening to all of your stories, and we act as an extra pair of ears and hands. We conduct the research for you in order to provide you with as much information as possible.

We create newsletters with a variety of psychological, technical, and industry news topics.

This is your place where you can stay informed about everything and where you can ask about everything. 

We create a community where you can come for free advice and talk. Victims Fighting Back is your free place to come to when you feel like you`ve lost the trust of your bellowed ones. 

We do not charge for our services, but we also do not guarantee solutions. We remove the missing pieces of your story and publish the questions on popular social media sites, trying to get as much information as needed.

We have been there as well, and we recognize the power of community. Like always, we refer to “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J.

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