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Are you afraid of investing in Forex after being scammed?

Have you ever had a moment where you look around and see all these people getting money from Forex and not getting scammed?

You hear people talking about how they invested in cryptocurrencies and shortly after, you see them driving a new car, taking their families on a fancy vacation, buying fancy things, or even paying off their debts or dealing with some other important life things…

On the other hand, there are people like you who have lost their money to scams. It is not just the money that you lost, you lost the trust in the companies, and worst of all, you lost the trust of the people around you. This is why you need a community and a place where you can ask for help and be understood.

Here’s what you can do

First, understand that Forex is a legitimate form of business practiced by many professionals. Forex is all about being skilled in different ways of selling, buying, and trading currency pairs. You were scammed by a faker, not by a legitimate company. That being said, you can still trade if you know how to differentiate a scammer from a real company.

Besides these obvious facts that make Forex an attractive trading platform, what is most attractive about it is that it does not have a regulated centralized exchange. This is the reason why this market is very volatile and therefore susceptible to abuse.

One example of a Forex scam not directly related to Forex company is popularly called a Signal Scam – a seller who offers a system for a fee that can be monthly, weekly, or daily – and claims to be able to advise you on the best time to sell or buy a currency pair based on their professional recommendations promising that anyone can become rich.

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Use this powerful tool to check if a website is legitimate

Go to and enter the domain URL. Depending on the year the Forex website was registered, you can use this as an indication of whether the website should be trusted or not.

Note that this does not mean that every website built in the last two years (2022) is a scam, but it can certainly be an indicator.

In case that while checking a website you are still unsure whether it is legit, you can search for an email contact on the website and check its validity using the next powerful tool.

A powerful email validation tool

So, let’s imagine that you have already checked the registration date of the website and you are still not sure if it is legitimate or not, the next thing you might want to check is the validity of the email on their website.

Simply go to and paste the email URL in the search bar, click confirm and you will easily see the email status.

The email status can be shown as valid or fake, which is a clear indication of possible fraudulent activity if the email has already been reported.

Although not all fraudsters are so skilled and such “mistakes” can happen, there are also those who are much more advanced and would not allow such failures. This is where we kick in as an extra pair of hands and eyes.

Victims Fighting Back offers you free help. Ask a question and we will try to help you find the answer.

Victims Fighting Back is a community-oriented website that aims to match fraud victims with the same problem with other victims of the same/similar problem to offer our community a free and equal chance to solve their problem.

 Tell us your problem and ask if you have a specific question, and we’ll do the research for you and try to find a group of people with the same or similar problem.

Steps you need to take:

1. Ask your question / Tell us your story

2. Join our community on Facebook

3. Send an email if you want to have your identity private

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