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Why should you share your story?

Speak up for the health reasons

The first reason to understand why you need to speak up is to understand that victimized people tend to feel shame, instead of feeling rage.

In order to understand the importance of speaking up and joining a community, we need to understand why we feel resistant towards speaking up and why we feel ashamed to share any unpleasant situation with the world, and more importantly WHY THIS IS WRONG.

If we look up at the energetic frequency of emotions, we will find that emotions like guilt and shame are very low on the emotional scale and it is the most common emotion that a victimized person feels.

Needless to say, the emotions of a low vibration tend to overwhelm our nervous system which becomes incapable of coping with them, making our brain call our body for help, which is one of the greatest indicators of possible health problems in a long run due to the mental and physical capacities of our entire Being are completely been occupied with this unpleasant feeling of shame and injustice.

Sharing your story is beneficial on many levels, especially in regard to your health. For this reason, joining a Community is the best way to step into your healing journey from a victim to a fighter and this is exactly what are we trying to achieve here at Victims Fighting Back Community.

Benefits of Joining a Community

Victims Fighting Back community, just like any other community concept, relies on the universal principles of igniting the language centers in the brain with aim of developing neural processing capacities and having victims free from the feelings of being powerless.

Powerless is exactly how we all felt when we saw the amount of money being multiplied on our account and having our brokers diapering on us a little after it happens. Oh, yes, that is the typical scenario. This is why we put emphasis on understanding the importance of speaking and for the best example, we will take the fact that the biology of the brain transforms under the influence of conversation.

The conversation turns, not a monologue

Community is a place where we encourage conversations, not monologues. Your questions will be answered, your story will be heard, and your needs to talk to someone and receive feedback will be met.

We foster conversation between the community members rather than monologues because conversational turns are the key.
Conversational interplay- involves not only a linguistic exchange but also a social interaction that we know is crucial to cognitive development as well. If we look at early childhood development, it is proven that the children who had their parents talking WITH their children and not talking TO them have witnessed their children having better literacy and cognitive development of an individual.

Join the community where we heal and support each other.

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