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Lucky Discovery Scam

A citizen of a European country, Mr. Klein, received a highly interesting email out of the blue. Its text seemed compelling and life-changing. It so happened that during a routine inspection at the airport of a larger USA city, the staff discovered several boxes with the most peculiar content. They held banknotes worth over 15 million US dollars and weirdly enough this large amount of money was accompanied by Mr. Klein’s email. A thoughtful employee, Mr. Brown, informed Mr. Klein about the unusual finding and gave a most lucrative proposal. If Mr. Klein was willing to give 10% of the lucky discovery, Mr. Brown would gladly send him the rest of the cash. The offer seemed too good to refuse, and Mr. Klein accepted it gladly. Several weeks later Mr. Klein received another email from Mr. Brown asking for $350 so he could prove to the airport authorities they were working together. Mr. Klein thought nothing of it and obliged the request. After all, what’s another 350 dollars when a man is about to become a millionaire? It’s important to note that for the weeks that would pass, Mr. Brown had been providing documents and paperwork corroborating the story of the imminent money shipment. Mr. Brown had all the reasons to believe that his unexpected gains were on the way.

Small payment at first, to warm up the situation

The additional payments were just small obstacles that were easily solvable with several bucks. Soon enough, Mr. Brown demanded more funds. This time he needed €200 for demurrage, and once again Mr. Klein paid up. It was after the third money request that Mr. Klein started being suspicious. This time Mr. Brown was lacking 500$ to organize a security escort to transfer the money safely. Mr. Klein begrudgingly cashed out. Finally, Mr. Brown asked for another €200 in order to open the security locks on the boxes. This time Mr. Klein had had enough and he refused to provide any more funds. He understood he had been a victim of a scam all along, and he didn’t want to participate in it any further.

A typical fraudulent scenario kicks in

This is a typical example of how many fraudulent scenarios work. A target is enticed with an opportunity that’s too good to be true. Commonly, they get the chance to earn huge amounts of money, but alas there is a tiny problem that can be overcome with a small payment. Once an individual grabs the bait they get strung along with extra costs and delays. The scammers will try to extort as much money as possible. They will create scenarios where the victim feels that their money is just one easy step away, all they need to do is pay extra cash. Crooks will recycle this formula as long as the victim is willing to pay, sometimes incurring financial loss up to thousands of dollars.

Disclaimer – This story has been written with the main goal of spreading awareness, scam prevention, and education. It represents real-life events, but certain details and names of the characters have been altered for the sake of anonymity.


  • Sophia Maya
    Posted October 12, 2022 at 10:42 am

    I was scammed by an investor called Jack Michael and Leonard jones of this company. I sent an investment of $300 in January and was assured I would get my profits after 7 days.
    However after 3 days I was sent an email that said I should send $100 for wallet fees. After much struggle I managed to rise the funds and sent.
    On the 17 th July 2022 I was assured that this time they will release my profits only to receive another email from them that my profits have been withheld by IRS because I have to pay $150 for tax.
    Am not an American citizen. Am based in Africa.
    My profits have come to about $1200 but all I want is my investment to be refunded. Amounting to $600

    • Ivorry Backer
      Posted January 31, 2023 at 4:14 pm

      Hey, Sophia! This is also very typical. Thank you very much for writing it here and putting the real names in the comment section. If you agree, we will share this comment in our community as well. You might also want to check this page on our website: We are not very clear about how to help you if you are not stating the country we talk about. We only see that you are not an American citizen. In case you don’t want to reveal your identity, it’s okay but at least find your country here and try to find information about your country. If you become okay with talking about the issue, come again to us in the Facebook group and we will help you with details. Please keep in mind that we do it all for free in case you ever receive a message on our behalf of us that we charge something. Find our Facebook group as well and talk to us there because we are more present there with comments and everything:

  • Sophia Maya
    Posted October 12, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    Happened to me that I put in approximately 3800 over the course of 3-6 months in 2020 and received nothing when I tried to withdraw from the funds earned (or so I thought). I would love to get back even some of that money I borrowed out of the kid’s education fund thinking id be able to grow it for them quicker.

    • Greg WInslow
      Posted December 5, 2022 at 5:26 pm

      I was a victim of a scam but was able to get my money back from my scammer through a cybersecurity expert. You should reach out to them as well. They are Funds-Recovery

    • Ivorry Backer
      Posted January 31, 2023 at 4:01 pm

      Hey, Sophia. We just saw your comment now. It is sad that this happened to you, indeed. There are many things you should consider. Firstly, go to our page and find the institution responsible for your specific country. After this, make a list of the proofs because no legal institution can deal with your situation unless you have bills, receipts, etc… Even though you have screenshots of what has happened, you should also have written proof! It was golden for us to find out that the bank transfers do not count as proof but if you PRINT the transaction then they are counted ( Wtf)…Check this page on the website and come to our Facebook page with a question because then many others can benefit from the comments we put there!


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